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So proud to announce…



The Stress drop is now donating to

Morristown Children’s Hospital

We donate 1 Stress Drop to the Goryeb Children's Hospital, Pediatric Oncology Ward in Morristown, New Jersey for every 10 sold.

The Donation buckets below must be ziplocked individually so that the lavender scent does not over power the patients when all the bags are together. They come in array of Disney and character favorites for our warriors to choose from. We also make sure the parents take one home for themselves as well.

UPDATE: OVER 100 Stress Drops donated so far! 04/28/2020

Update 2021, due to the Covid pandemic we have been unable to donate but I am hoping to be able to start again towards the end of the year!


This is my daughter's truly incredible medical team wearing some of the masks donated by The Stress Drop.

Thank you for all you do everyday. You are our superheroes!


So our visit this morning (10/7/19) went AMAZINGLY! 21 stress drops are going all over Morristown Hospital and infusions centers in Englewood. I have set up 2 more connections to spread the love further, which will only continue to grow! I already have another bucket ready to bring over THANKS to YOUR donations. For obvious reasons I am not allowed yet to take photos of the patients or staff so you got me and Aria ❤❤❤ I was able to HAND deliver 6 drops this morning to a teenage boy and 2 boys under 5 and their Mom's and Grandma. This is really special work and will only continue to bring comfort. Thank you in advance for your kindness ❤❤❤

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