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The Stress Drop was founded by Reiki Master, Acupressure Practitioner and Meditation Coach Evie Salerno. She works closely with anxiety of all levels and discovered a real need for a tool that would combat the physical systems. Noticing a need for a device like this, she began testing weight and sizes at her local meditation classes until it was refined to perfection.

When working with the pressure point directly in the center your sternum and combining the heat and lavender aspect, the stress drop eliminates panic/anxiety attacks & insomnia immediately. This is because it balances all your chakras, grounds you and brings your mind back to focus. The heat and lavender smell brings all the calm and warmth you need to feel comforted and relaxed. A must have device for the stress of our everyday lives. 


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The Stress Drop is made in New Jersey.


The Stress Drop was specifically designed as a tool to immediately combat anxiety attacks. By warming this up for the suggested amount of time, and placing it right in the center of your chest, the pressure points are CV17. Anxiety and panic attacks are eliminated in the moment they happen. The Stress Drop has now been found to also do much more. 
If you have body shakes from any kind of sickness or shock, it will also stop your body from shaking in seconds, for example: flu, shock, just after giving birth, etc. 

It works amazingly well for anyone with insomnia. Place it on your chest at night and you will find yourself drifting off in less than 5 minutes.
Simply use as a calming device at the end of the day. You can also place it on your stomach if you have an ache. Place it on any part of your body that you have muscle aches and pains, that you know you are medically allowed to put heat on. 
A must have device for the stress of our everyday lives.

It also comes in a range of colors. 

This is made of 100% cotton,

and solely contains brown flaxseed and dried lavender. 
The outer cover can be removed and washed.

This product is patent pending.


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